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The mechanism of accrediting domestic training centers to offer International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) training and examinations

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For a Center to be accredited as a training and examinations Center of International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE), the following steps need to be followed:


1 Filling a "Training and examination Center for International Certificate in IT Skills (Validated by CIE) accreditation form" and submitting it to the General Directorate for Private Training or one of its branches by hand (Download the form) .

2 The General Directorate for Private Training or one of its branches will verify the data and that the training license is valid and its validity period exceeds six months. And that there is no penalty upon the training establishment that hinders obtaining the approval and to complete the form and deliver it to the applicant by hand in case of approval after it is given a dispatch number.

3 Filling in the Sub-Centers accreditation form and the CIE registration form (RAF), to make sure that the Institute meets the required accreditation conditions, and the institute is liable for the information submitted in the form (Download Sub-Centers accreditation form , Download CIE Registration Form) .

4 Submitting all the forms to the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation after filling, signing and stamping by uploading them to the National Company website through (the form sending page) .

5 Submitting a training Center/ Institute training packages purchase order to the National Company for Training and Educational Technologies, through filling the purchase order form that indicates the number of packages that the Institute or the Center wants to buy in order to be secured by the company (Download the Form) .

6 All Centers and institutes should review the additional packages and examinations prices' instructions, and the minimum number of the ordered packages (According to the packages price form), (See the price List here ) .

7 All Centers and institutes should deposit the purchase order's total amount in one of the bank accounts shown on the price list, and attach a copy of the deposit receipt to the purchase order, showing the deposit date, so that the Company would complete what is necessary. The purchase order and the deposit receipt could be submitted through the website via the Forms and Orders sending page .

8 After the accreditation is approved by the National Company and agreement will be signed between The National Company and the Accredited Center / Institute .

9 The Forms and the License of accrediting Certification Training and Examination Center should be returned back to The General Directorate for Private Training or one of its branches, in order to update the training establishment's data and saving it in the Establishment's file so that the Accreditation becomes final.

10 The Company will assign a quality official to visit the Center in order to upload the program's software and to offer the workshop and the required settings to proceed with the activities.