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Accreditation Forms for Training Centers and Purchase of Training Packages
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Applying for Accrediting the Center
Submitting the Centers' packages purchase order form
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Please make sure you have read the following instructions

FirstSubmitting Accreditation application Forms

2Filling in the Forms

Print the accreditation Forms and fill them in as per the included instructions, then have it scanned and process the file to be uploaded to our website.

3Uploading the Forms

Use the Forms and Orders sending page on our website to upload the accreditation forms.
Go to Forms & Orders sending page

4Accreditation Requirements Confirmation Message

After uploading the accreditation forms files, our supervisor will revise it and contact you via e-mail in case he finds any shortages or defects in the application. If it is confirmed that the application meets the Conditions, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail to confirm that the accreditation conditions were met.


Second: Applying to purchase Centers' Packages

After meeting the Accreditation Conditions, you have to choose the Centers' packages you would like to buy, fill in a purchase order, submit it and then transfer the due amount.

To know the steps required to purchase the packages,kindly click the link below